Shih-Chun Lin received the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and the Master of Science in Communications Engineering from the National Taiwan University, Taiwan. He received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA.

He is currently an Assistant Professor and the Director of the Intelligent Wireless Networking (iWN) Laboratory in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the North Carolina State University. His research interests are in Wireless Software-Defined Networking systems (including B5G networks, Internet of Things, and cyber-physical systems), Intelligent Edge Computing architecture, Big-Data Analytic and Machine Learning, and Wireless Communications in Underground and Underwater environments.

Selected Honors and Awards

  • Finalist, "Data-Driven Modulation and Coding for Beyond 5G Communications," 4th Annual Beyond 5G SDR University Challenge, Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), 2022.
  • Creativity Technology Award, "CU/DU and Multiple UEs xAPP Design and Evaluation: Signal Interference Management," 5G-Craft: 5G System Software, Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, 2021.
  • Connectivity Innovation Awards Shortlist, "HISC: Home network Intelligent Scheduling Control," 2021 Mobileheroes, Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, 2021.
  • Third-prize Winner, "HISC: Home network Intelligent Scheduling Control," Monte Jade Innovation Competition (MJIC), 2021.
  • Distinguished TPC Member Award, IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), 2020.
  • Best Student Paper Award Runner-up, "QoS-Aware Adaptive Routing in Multi-Layer Hierarchical Software Defined Networks: A Reinforcement Learning Approach," IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC), 2016.
  • BWN Lab 2015 Researcher of the Year Award, for his outstanding research achievements throughout the year, Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Studying Abroad Scholarship from Taiwan Ministry of Education to conduct graduate research in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Fall 2014-Spring 2016.


I am currently looking for self-motivated graduate students willing to work in the area of wireless communications and networking. The research focus will be 6G Radio and Intelligent Networking, Vehicular Edge Computing, the AIoT for Cyber-Physical Systems, and Wireless Federated Learning. A good mathmatical background is required. Knowledge on wireless communications, computer networks, and electromagnetics are most welcome. If interested, please send your CV and transcripts to me at